I became interested in the Afterlife after completing the book Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions. It became clear that although world religions acknowledge the existence of an Afterlife, most religions don’t provide many details about it. I concluded that learning about what our eternal life will be like, after this relatively short time on earth, could provide many keys for right living in accordance with the way our Creator wants us to live.

There are many hundreds if not thousands of books on the subject of the Afterlife, and after reading several dozen I got more and more excited in discovering a consensus among them describing greater joy, love and beauty that we can possibly imagine. I began to compile the best descriptions of different levels of the Afterlife, the best evidence confirming its existence, and reached at least a degree of understanding of how it all works. I realized just how beneficial all this Afterlife information would be to others.

One primary benefit is that this knowledge can lessen the pain of losing a loved one. Often, the grief and sadness are difficult to bear. Knowing that life does not end at “death,” and that God has prepared countless beautiful environments for our ongoing life, filled with meaningful things to do in loving service, as well as the enjoyment of loving relationships and pleasurable pastimes can be extremely comforting for all who are now missing someone dear.

Another benefit of Afterlife knowledge is in enjoying freedom from the fear of death. Once the abundance of Afterlife evidence is known, it is difficult to not very strongly believe, or know that life is eternal—which significantly increases a person’s motivation and enthusiasm to apply spiritual law through practicing greater love, forgiveness, and service to others. Also, ‘death’ will be much easier, as you will know what to expect.

Another huge benefit is that you will arrive at a higher, more beautiful level in the Afterlife due to that greater focus on practicing greater love and service.

Another benefit is to enhance a person’s appreciation for the beauty of life. There will be greater sensitivity for the beauty of nature, the warmth in a smile, giving and receiving support to and from loved ones, and all aspects of living a good and righteous life.

In addition, you’ll enjoy freedom from the fear of judgment, by learning of the mercy and forgiveness regarding our inevitable mistakes in life.

There is another huge benefit from learning more about the Afterlife—the enjoyment of the anticipation of what awaits us. Just like a significant part of the fun of traveling is looking forward to it ahead of time—well, we are all going to go on a BIG trip! We all know that our physical bodies only last so long. But thank God (literally) that our eternal consciousness, our soul and spirit are NOT dependent on the physical world. We can experience the joy of knowing that life will be more enjoyable and meaningful, and that all the beauty and goodness of life, including FEELING so much better—is MAGNIFIED for all good people.

I believe that life offers so much to anticipate, to look forward to, if we focus our attention on what is good and true–on our spirituality.

–C. David Lundberg is the author of the award-winning Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions. Information about his eBooks with descriptions on the Afterlife, the evidence, and how it works can be found in his new book Our Magnificent Afterlife.