C. David Lundberg

Award Winning Author

My Story

Welcome! I have created this website in hopes of giving those needing hope and direction for a better future, both in this world and the next! My passion has been researching and compiling reliable descriptions and evidence about the afterlife into various books meant to inspire the reader on the beauty and freedom one will experience in the next life. My publishing arm, Heavenlight Press, serves all those needing and seeking hope and direction for a better future, both in this world and the next.

We do this by providing reliable descriptions and evidence about the afterlife, as well as explanations from evolved souls concerning various spiritual truths.  To that end various publications will be created and promoted.  Readers will benefit by obtaining a new sense of life’s meaning and purpose, keys for living a more fulfilling life, and a joyful anticipation of the future.  Specifically, it’s inspiring for readers to learn how beautiful the afterlife is; how they will enjoy greater freedom serving others and learning more about subjects that interest them; how they’ll enjoy greater love when working with others having similar interests; how divine justice exists because those who harm others will experience the same; and how and why it all works.


C. DAVID LUNDBERG is a lifelong researcher of spirituality and the world’s religions. Raised in a family business of spiritual publishing, David realized 40 years ago that the spiritual answers he sought were beyond traditional Christianity. His search has included research into Christian texts that were excluded from the Bible, and encompassed sacred texts across the religious spectrum, active membership in spiritual/religious organizations, prayer, meditation, and spiritual experiences that have impacted his life. He is passionate about bringing people together by sharing the truths at the heart of all spiritual traditions, in line with his undeniable prompting to establish God’s Universal Truths. He is a minister with the Spiritual Awareness Fellowship and Pathways of Light.