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What Paradise Is Like

It was exciting news when I learned, through studying the various sources of Afterlife information, that Paradise is most definitely real. Another name for it is the “Summerland,” and another name is the “upper astral plane.” It is an environment of great beauty, much...

The Huge Benefits of Afterlife Knowledge

I became interested in the Afterlife after completing the book Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions. It became clear that although world religions acknowledge the existence of an Afterlife, most religions don’t provide many details about it. I concluded that...

Who We Really Are — Our Divine Identity

Self-image and self-awareness are extremely important factors in life, and affect how successful and joyful our life experience is. There is one underlying cause for the needless tragedy, suffering, fighting, and lack in the world. It is simply this: mankind has an...

God’s Code of Love and Life

The first 5 Universal Principles of Understanding – The meaning and purpose of life is: Life, with God, is good, and filled with Love. Life is meant to be good, despite all appearances of negativity and suffering.

Stranded Christians & Jew Saved by Muslim Arab

David and I were in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates in August 2008.  We decided to leave the airport with another passenger that we met on the flight.  Our new friend was a Jewish attorney who was traveling on to Nepal, as we were.