Live Life in Eternity Now

If you’d like to get really excited and enthused about the future, despite all the craziness that’s currently happening on earth, keep reading!  For our lives do have a glorious purpose, and the future for every reasonably good person (no, we don’t have to be perfect!) is so much brighter than many realize.

For those who want to transform their lives into something much closer to Heaven on earth, invest time in learning about our eternal future. 

This is a compilation of some of the best information about the Afterlife, saving your valuable time, so you don’t have to hunt for it.

Enjoy the various reports, links, authors, interviews, and first-hand witnesses of the Afterlife…I hope you find this material as fascinating as I do.


  • We are spirits, temporarily inhabiting a physical form. We are spirit, not matter.
  • It is important for every soul to not overly identify with its physical body.
  • There is a life awaiting us, which is more real and true, beyond this earth life.
  • What we do now, in the lifetime on earth, has tremendous value in our lives forever.
  • This life is but a preparation for the next one.

There is SO MUCH to look forward to in the future! It is the Afterlife — that is the REALITY of Being! This life should be a joyful anticipation of our next life!

It’s understandable that there is so much cynicism in the world today—as it is difficult to find leaders and events that are not rife with corruption.  No one can deny the tremendous needless suffering experienced by so many in this world.  Things are not supposed to stay this way on earth. We need to mesh with the higher worlds.


…Neither was it intended that the two worlds, ours and yours, should be as they are now, so far apart in thought and contact. —  Borgia, pp. 40-41.

The veil between the worlds must be rent asunder. —  by Greaves, pg. 77.

…It is important for us to acquire knowledge of the spirit while we are in the flesh. The more knowledge we acquire here, the further and faster we will progress there. —  Eadie pg 84 

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            …It is to the eternal shame of the earth world that so many souls should arrive here in woeful ignorance of what lies before them….It is astonishing how many of them want to rush back to the earth-plane to try to tell those they have left behind of the discovery they have made… —  Borgia, pg. 91.

            …It is essential…to regard life experience, while in incarnation on the earth plane as a preparation for this existence.  Live life in eternity now. —  Greaves, pp. 109-110.

            It is not a pleasant sight to see these gentle, patient helpers [in the Afterlife] wrestling mentally—and sometimes almost physically—with people who are wholly ignorant of the fact that they are “dead.”  It is a most saddening sight….They blame the world they have but recently left [our earth plane] for tolerating such blindness and stupidity. —  Borgia, page21-22.

            Many who arrive here are either completely overwhelmed by the fact of a further existence, or disillusioned because in their narrow creeds, they have envisaged a heaven of utter delight… —  Greaves, pg. 84.

            The spirit world is surpassingly beautiful, more beautiful than the mind of man incarnate can possibly imagine….But your world looks very dark to us, and we try very hard to bring a little light to it. —  Borgia, pg. 102.


Many people are afraid to accept their spirituality.  For some this is caused by their fear of the unknown.  Some others simply choose not to think about it…whatever will be, will be.  Some believe they have sinned so much that their afterlife experience will be eternal suffering.  Some people make choices to live in their own world.  This blocks their spiritual growth.

It is so wonderful to KNOW, to have absolute certainty, that a beautiful afterlife awaits all good people.  And to know that the consequences for all of our mistakes/sins include our own strong motivation, in the afterlife, to make things right and move on.

All souls who come to learn of the reality of the afterlife, such as those who have near-death experiences (NDE’s), get re-invigorated to finish their earth lives with significantly greater enthusiasm, joy, and spirituality.

THE BENEFITS of learning details about the reality of the Afterlife are:

  1. Your remaining life in embodiment will be easier and more enjoyable.
  2. You’ll enjoy freedom from the fear of death.
  3. You’ll enjoy freedom from the fear of judgement—in most cases our own Higher/Divine Self does the judging.
  4. Your transition will be much easier.
  5. You will arrive at a higher, more beautiful level.


It is difficult for open-minded readers, once exposed to the huge amount of evidence to not believe in an Afterlife.  For most people, who are basically good, a far more enjoyable life than this one awaits in the Afterlife.  It is exciting and inspirational to study the evidence, and visualize the possibilities for far greater experiences of peace, joy, beauty, and love.

Weigh the evidence alongside the divine logic of it all—if you were God, what would you want for all of your children?  Does the evidence demonstrate divine justice?  Does it convey ongoing purpose and fulfillment for all?   Does it make sense?  Do the many different sources usually agree on the main points? Do the most recent discoveries of physics and science confirm this evidence?  The answer is a resounding “YES!” to all these questions.

  None of the volumes of evidence for the existence of the Afterlife have ever been disproved.

In the Afterlife: No acceptance of another soul’s belief colors progress.  The soul must judge for itself—must make its own progress, must choose what to accept as truth for itself.  No soul is coerced, forced or bound by creeds.     –Helen Greaves, “Testimony of Light,” pg. 113


There is so much to look forward to, including the anticipation of growing by doing good works for others. The many mansions. NOTE: Even though it is much nicer there, we are not to do anything that would shorten our earth lives.

The spirit world is not only a land of equal opportunity for every soul, but the opportunities are upon so vast a scale that no person still incarnate can have the least conception of its magnitude. Opportunities for what?—it will be asked.  Opportunities for good, useful, interesting work.  

…Beauty is manifest, where negative or unkind thoughts are prohibitive because such thoughts are visible and audible, where help and love are always at hand to help the traveler, and where every circumstance points to a greater Life, a wider understanding and the glorious certainty of progress after effort and exertion.

There is an existence in another dimension of thought; disease, poverty, cruelty, suffering as it is known on earth could not possibly exist here, because the Light of the Spirit opens our vision and we seek the Way to Higher Worlds of even more glorious beauty. –“Testimony of Light”, Helen Greaves, page 84.

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His first impressions upon his awakening in the spirit world were—to use his own words—absolutely breathtaking.  He had visualized, subconsciously perhaps, some sort of misty state as the condition of a future life, where there would be a great deal of “prayer and praise.”  To find himself in a realm of inexpressible beauty, with all the glories of earthly nature purged of its earthliness, refined and eternalized, with the enormous wealth of colour all around and about him; to behold the crystal purity of the rivers and brooks, with the charm of the country dwellings and the grandeur of the city’s temples and halls of learning…was to cast doubts upon the veracity of his own eyes.  –Anthony Borgia, “Life in the World Unseen,” page 76.

            It is only the spiritual and mental knowledge and development which hinders and advances the individual here….

            It is a land of freedom. A land of happiness and smiles.  A land of happiness brought about through the real love of man for man.  A land to work for—a land in which your place is made according to the knowledge you have had whilst upon earth and the way you have used that knowledge.

            It is impossible to over-emphasize the degree of freedom in this new world, and the joy each and all has in it.

–William T. Stead, “The Blue Island, page 63.

            The most noticeable difference between our two worlds, in this matter of recreations, is created by our respective requirements.  We have no need here to take bodily exercise, vigorous or otherwise, nor do we need to go out into the “fresh air.”  Our spirit bodies are always in perfect condition, we suffer no disorders of any kind, and the air, which cannot be other than fresh, penetrates into every corner of our homes and buildings, where it fully retains its purity.  It would be impossible for it to become impaired or contaminated in any way.  It is to be expected, then, that our recreations should be more upon the mental plane than upon the “physical.”

            As most of the outdoor games of the earth world involve the use of a ball, it will be appreciated that here, where the law of gravity operates under different conditions from yours, anything in the nature of propelling a ball by striking it, would lead to hopeless results.  I am speaking now of games of a competitive nature….

             We find that we have so much to learn, and learning is in itself such pleasure that we do not need the number or variety of recreations that you do.  We have plenty of music to listen to, there are such wonders in these lands that we want to know all about, there is so much congenial work to be done, that there is no cause to be cast down at the prospect of there being few of the earthly sports and pastimes in the spirit world.  There is such a superabundant supply of vastly more entertaining things to be seen and done here, besides which a great deal of the earthly recreations appear sheer trivialities.

– Anthony Borgia, “Life in the World Unseen,” pp. 80-81.

            It is the Reality of Being.  It is joy beyond words.  It is in truth an ecstasy of living, of being a live, alert Self in a world of Live and Glorious Selves within a consciousness of a Great Creative Self.

— Greaves page 132.


It should not be impossible to realize what an All-Powerful and All-Loving Creator would want for His children.  We can identify with what we would ideally like for our children here on earth.  Plus, for all whom, at least from time to time, focus on God with love and gratitude, it should not be impossible to attune with our Loving Father and Mother, for God is omnipresent and omniscient.  God is within us and we in Him.

Logic would dictate what God, our Creator, would want for his children, that He would design the Universe for our maximum happiness—and, He has! He has designed our eternal Afterlife experience so that we will have:

  • Free Will—both on earth and in the Afterlife/Heaven we have this—though on earth, in our ignorance, we make mistakes and learn from them.  We are free to reach our own conclusions about things.
  • Love—so prevalent it can be felt.  Kindness and helpfulness are what everyone practices.
  • Knowledge—there is constantly more to learn.
  • Have lots to do—for our fulfillment, and the joy of helping others.
  • Justice—in the Afterlife, we ourselves, from our more spiritually enlightened state, judge our mistakes.
  • No lying, dishonesty, or corruption—because a soul’s thoughts and true intentions are always apparent.
  • Perfect health—everyone in the Afterlife enjoys perfect health.
  • No concerns over money, for there is no need for money.  In the Afterlife, what is more important than money is the joy of selfless, loving service.
  • No need for food or drink, although they can be enjoyed if desired.
  • Perfect weather—a perfect temperature, so that many choose not to have homes and live “outside.”
  • Energy—an abundance of energy to do good works. And, no need for sleep, once the initial adjustment period is over.  There is no night!

If this sounds ideal, it’s because it is.  It’s something we would all want for our children.


            We are spirit, temporarily inhabiting a physical form.  God is within us!

            The earth is not our natural home…we did not originate here.  I was gratified to see that the earth is only a temporary place for our schooling and that sin is not our true nature….  Although our spirit bodies are full of light, truth, and love, they must battle constantly to overcome the flesh, and this strengthens them.  Those who are truly developed will find a perfect harmony between their flesh and spirits, a harmony that will bless them with peace and give them the ability to help others. — Eadie, pp49,50].

            …It is a wonderful consciousness, that consciousness of eternity.  Small troubles seem indeed small to him who thinks of himself in the terms of a million years.  You may make the figure a billion, or whatever you like, but the idea is the same. — by Barker, pp. 82-83].

            …It is the Reality of Being.  It is joy beyond words.  It is in truth an ecstasy of living, of being a live, alert Self in a world of Live and Glorious Selves within a consciousness of a Great Creative Self.

— Testimony of Light, by Helen Greaves, page 132

            It has only been in the past few hundred years that we have decided that there is no spirit in man—and therefore no life after death.  

            There is a “taboo” within the scientific field.  Though many highly accredited past and present scientists have endorsed the reality of the Afterlife [LINK], many more fear going public with any hint at affirmation of the Afterlife out of fear that their credibility will suffer.  Many of the job providers in academia and research facilities do not want to hire anyone that does not fit into “mainstream” scientific thinking, which unfortunately still believes in a very limted “physical world” model.  Many scientists are afraid of the “professional peril” –they don’t want to take a chance of being wrong. 


This is a very special time, a time where we will experience a shift of global consciousness.  It is the time of the Apocalypse, which translated from the ancient Greek, means the “uncovering,” a “disclosure of knowledge,” a “lifting of the veil” or revelation.

This is a time when all of us will be remembering and realizing who we really are. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. An ongoing process is happening to lift the veil over our consciousness, to fully savor and realize life…not only for now, but forever.

December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, marked the beginning of a new cycle…it was not to be something that happened entirely on that day.  We know this is a very special time because there are so many prophecies that all say that now is the time.  We have Mother Mary’s prophecies, Jonathan Cahn’s  The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, the Zorastrian prophecies, the Hindu Kali Yuga, the Incan prophecy, the Hopi prophecy, and the Tibetan prediction of a New Golden Age,  There are additional prophecies that also focus on this time frame.

The wonderful aspect about this time period is, we are entering a period of apotheosis, which means “transforming man into God.”

With an understanding of this great and perfect gift of love [from God] one learns the power of using his mind, his heart, and soul [with God] as one, to send it forth.  Controlling one’s thoughts is no longer a struggling burden of trying to eliminate the undesirable thoughts, but becomes a practice of keeping the perfect thoughts of love always there.  — Ye Are Gods, by Annalee Skarin

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?  — 1 Corinthians 3:16

Throughout history, every period of Enlightenment has been accompanied by darkness pushing in opposition to the Light.

Most faiths have a prophecy of a coming Enlightenment.  That time has begun!

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away…. — Revelation 21:1

A lot is converging into our current timeframe—all for our transition from believing to knowing—so we may experience a new, transcendental consciousness!