By C. David Lundberg

Our Magnificent Afterlife


A unique overview of the Heaven World, is an essential resource that offers hope and guidance for every spiritual seeker and anyone who has concerns about what happens after this lifetime.

The book contains fifty-five chapters covering various aspects of the afterlife, including 178 quotations from thirty-six sources that provide well-organized descriptions of the afterlife and offers explanations of how it works. Sources used are from the most reliable telepathic reports as well as near-death experiences. The book’s 264 pages also include a bibliography and reference notes for all sources used.

This inspiring guidebook provides new insights into the love, beauty and logic of God’s grand design. These lessons from the afterlife are of great benefit in helping to handle life’s myriad challenges with greater ease. Applying these teachings significantly improves attunements with our Higher Selves, God and all of life. This results in greater joy, peace of mind, harmony, beautiful relationships and improved overall health and well-being.  

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Award-Winning Author

C. David Lundberg

is a life-long spiritual researcher who first witnessed Heaven’s Light at age 20. He has uncovered extensive descriptions of what the afterlife is like and how it works. He previously authored the award-winning Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions, identifying 33 principles shared by all traditions.


David Lundberg’s new book Our Magnificent Afterlife is a gem of a book. His choice of sources is impeccable and the reader can have absolute confidence that the descriptions he gives of the various aspects of our future life are totally consistent with the great body of research compiled over the last 150 years.

David guides us gently through an overview of the big pictures of the purpose of life and acknowledges the positive role of religion in attempting to make us aware of God’s plan for humanity. He then takes us on a tour of The Summerland and the lower regions and tackles nine misconceptions about the afterlife. A final section on the book looks at ways we can live in a more spiritual way.

This book would suit a wider variety of readers from the newly bereaved to those confronting their own mortality. As it is respectful of religion in the broader sense it would also be a great book for those coming from a religious background seeking to broaden their knowledge. Overall a Magnificent achievement.

– Victor and Wendy Zammit,
Authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

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